Tatung Einstein

You will need…

  • A PC with a internal 3” floppy disk drive (Guide on how to do this here.)
  • A Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8 PC with a real floppy disk controller, not USB
  • Some 3″ floppy disks
  • CPCDiskXP (Download from cpcmania.com)

And this is how you do it.

  1. Install CPCDiskXP making sure you also install the FdInstall.exe package
  2. Start CPCDiskXP
  3. Click the Open button, and choose the DSK file you want to write to disk.
  4. Choose the Drive you want to write the disk image to.
  5. Most games will use DSK Side 1, Floppy Head 1.
  6. Press Write Disk. Now wait for the image to be written to disk. Press OK when done.

Go ahead – try the disk in your Einstein. If this method fails, you can use the alternative method of writing the disk using a piece of software called OmniDisk. I will write a guide for this piece of software in the future.

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