MP3 Casette Tape

Using a tape MP3 player on the Amstrad CPC

Following a discussion on a Facebook group the other day, I decided to get one of these MP3 players that can go into a compact casette player and try and load a tape game onto a old computer. So, I dug out the Amstrad CPC, converted some tape games in .CDT format to .WAV using […]

Genesis – Firth of Fifth played on the Roland SC-155

Here is a video of the Genesis tune Firth of Fifth played on the Roland Sound Canvas SC-155 device.  The Roland Sound Canvas SC-155 is part of a lineup of General MIDI based PCM sound modules and PC sound cards primarily intended for computer music usage, created by Japanese manufacturer Roland Corporation. 

Raspberry Pi running the Fuse ZX Spectrum Emulator

As seen at the Horizons event at the BFI, London in May 2012! Fuse install guide here! (Added August 2012) Finally, I have got the Fuse ZX Spectrum emulator running on Raspberry Pi #7. Here is a video of it in action. Getting the emulator to work was relatively simple. I just has to ‘apt-get’ in […]

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