MP3 Casette Tape

Using a tape MP3 player on the Amstrad CPC

Following a discussion on a Facebook group the other day, I decided to get one of these MP3 players that can go into a compact casette player and try and load a tape game onto a old computer. So, I dug out the Amstrad CPC, converted some tape games in .CDT format to .WAV using […]

Genesis – Firth of Fifth played on the Roland SC-155

Here is a video of the Genesis tune Firth of Fifth played on the Roland Sound Canvas SC-155 device.  The Roland Sound Canvas SC-155 is part of a lineup of General MIDI based PCM sound modules and PC sound cards primarily intended for computer music usage, created by Japanese manufacturer Roland Corporation. 

Replacement Dragon 32 sticker

UPDATED 28 February 2019: New eBay link added The sticker on my Dragon 32 was a little worse for wear. Luckily, there is a seller on eBay who is selling reproduction labels. The first task was to remove the old label. This was surprisingly tricky as some of the glue was very solid and stubborn […]

Micro Bit Logo

BBC Micro Bit computer’s final design revealed

The BBC have finally released the final design for their BBC Micro Bit (micro:bit) The BBC Micro Bit is a piece of hardware that will be distributed between 1 million school kids across the United Kingdom. The small PCB has a small but quite high power CPU at its core, a programmable array of 25 red LED […]

Addition – Technical Software TIF 1 CW/RTTY Transceiver interface for ZX Spectrum

I picked up this interface at a radio rally at the weekend. Its a CW (Morse Code) and RTTY (Radio Teletype) interface for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.I don’t have any software for it at the moment, but once I do, I will try it with my radio gear. You can read about my ham radio […]

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