Pac-Man made for women, says creator

The classic arcade game Pac-Man, that was originally released 30 years ago on May 22nd 1980, was designed to attract women and couples to the male dominated arcades of the time, while the character himself was inspired by pizza, according to excerpts of an interview with the game’s creator, Toru Iwatani.

In the excerpts from the upcoming book “Replay – The History of Video Games” by Tristian Donovan, which was recently published by EuroGamer, the creator begins by explaining how he joined Namco. Iwatana joined Namco, who at the time only made “electric and mechanical games like flipper pinball”, in 1977 to make pinball machines. However, the Japanese video game designer ended up creating the company’s very first video game – a pinball-style game called “Gee Bee”.

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