Sony PlayStation

List updated 24th April 2016. All games are for the PAL unless otherwise specified.

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Tekken 2,Namco,1996
Wacky Races,Infogrames,2000
Anastasia,Midas Games,2000
Austin Powers Pinball,Wildfire Studios,2002
Eagle One,Infogrames,2000
Fighting Force 2,Core,1999
Colin McRae Rally,Codemasters,1998
TOCA Touring Car Championship,Codemasters,1998
Porsche Challenge,Sony,1997
Prince Naseem Boxing,Codemasters,2000
Vanishing Point,Acclaim,2000
PGA European Tour Golf,Infogrames,2000
Gran Turismo,Sony,1998
Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf,EA Sports,2000
Fisherman’s Bait,Konami,1999
Silent Hill,Konami,2000
Duke Nukem – Time to Kill,3D Realms,2001
Mille Miglia,Kung Fu Games / SCI,2000
007 – Tomorrow Never Dies,EA,1999
007 – The World Is Not Enough,EA,2000
Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone,EA,2001
Space Invaders,Activision,1999
Die Hard Trilogy 2,Fox Interactive,2000
Monsters Inc. Scare Island,Disney,2002
Theme Park World,EA Classics,2000
Tomb Raider,Eidos,1999
Tomb Raider II,Eidos,1999
Tomb Raider III,Eidos,2000
Scooby-Doo And The Cyber Chase,THQ,2001
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,Eidos,2000
Monkey Hero,Take 2 Interactive,1999
Tekken 3,Namco,1998
Arcade Party Pak,Midway,1999
Victory Boxing Contender,LVC Music,2001