Nintendo Gamecube

List updated 8th December 2019. All games are European/PAL unless otherwise stated.

2002 FIFA World CupEA Sports2002
Enter The MatrixAtari2003
FIFA 06EA Sports2006
Mario Kart Double Dash!!Nintendo2003
Metroid PrimeRetro Studios2003
Resident EvilCapcom2002
Resident Evil 4 (US – NTSC)Capcom2005
Shrek 2Activision2004
Sonic Mega CollectionSega/Atari2002
Star Wars Rogue LeaderLucas Arts2001
Super Mario SunshineNintendo2002
The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind WakerNintendo2003
Tony Hawk’s UndergroundActivision2004
True Crime Streets of LAActivision2003
V-Rally 3Atari2003

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