Acorn BBC Computer

List updated 17th February 2020


Title Studio Year Format Comment
2002 Superior Software 1983 Tape
Airwold Elite 1985 Disk
Aviator Acornsoft 1983 Disk
Castle Quest Micro Power 1985 Disk
Castle Quest Micro Power 1985 Tape
Countdown to Doom Acornsoft 1982 Tape
Death Star Superior Software 198? Disk
Deathwatch BBC Micro User 1983 Tape
Elite Acornsoft 1984 Disk
Elite Acornsoft 1984 Tape
Exile Superior Software 1988 Disk
Frak! Aardvark 1984 Tape Gold sleeve
Goblins and Blackjack The Micro User 1983 Tape
JCB Digger Acornsoft 1983 Disk
Killer Gorilla Micro Power 1983 Tape
Labyrinth Acornsoft 1984 Disk Big box
Moon Cresta Incentive 1985 Tape Lenslok included
Paperboy Elite 1986 Disk
Ravenskull Superior Software 1986 Disk
Red Arrows Database Software 198? Disk
Repton 1 & 2 Superior Software 1984 Disk
Revs Acornsoft 1985 Disk
Speech Superior Software 198? Disk
Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back Domark 1984 Disk
The Hobbit Melbourne House 1983 Disk
The Hobbit Melbourne House 1983 Tape Black box
The Last Ninja Superior Software 1988 Tape
Thrust Superior Software 1986  Disk
Tomcat Players 1989 Tape

Educational Software

Folio by Tedimen Software on disk – A basic word processor aimed at school children.

Microtype by Kansas City Systems