Website going offline 20 May 2021

It is with deep regret that I have decided to take the website offline permanently once DNS registration has expired. (20 May 2021)

Due to other commitments, I am not able to update the site as often as I would like to. Also, the site does not make any money so I am out of pocket every month by keeping this site running. Even if I was given free hosting and DNS entries, I would not be able to keep the site updated as frequently as I would like.

I will still keep the social media accounts active for now. Please follow me there if you wish.

Twitter : @RetroComputers

Facebook : RetroComputers.Online

Instagram : @RetroComputers.Online

Many thanks for you support over the last few years. Maybe I’ll see you at a retro gaming event in the UK at some point?

Take care all,


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