Yamaha XG MIDI Playback

I’ve been spending some time today having a listen to what the MIDI playback is like on the Xwave XG A301-J80 soundcard that I have just installed in my Compaq Evo Pentium III PC. (Yeah, its running Windows ME – I don’t care!)

This card uses the Yamaha YMF724F-V chip.

Xwave A301-J80 Soundcard

I am amazed on how good the quality of the MIDI playback is on this device. The MIDI file that I played to make the recording below is only 236Kb in total. The resulting MP3 file below is just under 14MB.

I will be recording more audio from this card and will publish here later this week.

Here is a teaser for you…

You can download a copy of the XG MIDI file I used here. This is not my work – I do not have any musical talent at all.

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