RetroComputers.Online is saved!

Wow – I wasn’t expecting this to happen!

Thanks to a wonderful user on Twitter who donated £40 for the cost of the domain name renewal, this site is saved!

This is also made me realise people out there do appreciate this site. So I am going to make much more effort to add content as often as I can.

If there is anything you’d like to see me feature, please let me know buy posting a comment below.

Again – thanks again for the support. I appreciate it!

Post Author: Andy

3 thoughts on “RetroComputers.Online is saved!


    (4th March 2019 - 12:07)

    Hi Andy,

    Although we can only offer you a discount on the Retro Wifi SI modem – I was quite upset when you said the site may be closing down due to lack of funds. Do you currently have to pay for your WordPress hosting as we can offer this for free to you (the only catch would just be the footer link would change to our hosting rather than the WordPress site).

    Anyway it may be no help but I wanted to offer as it would be a real shame for the website to go offline and be lost! Let me know if we can help with this and I’ll be happy to assist in getting it set up for you.

    Jas macorn

    (29th July 2019 - 08:43)

    Hey, I loved the games on the vega you made. I would love to have a mini Macintosh classic made


      (21st August 2019 - 23:11)

      Sorry, I have nothing to do with the producers of the Vega products.

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