Amstrad Action Tribute Magazine

Nreive has put a lot of time and effort into making the final issue of Amstrad Action. The following text was taken from his forum posting on CPC Zone

A big announcement for all Amstrad Action fans and retro gamers in general. After 18 months in the making – on and off anyway – an Amstrad Action tribute magazine will be available on-line from 9 June 2008. As many CPC fans will know, Amstrad Action was the best selling and longest running magazine for the Amstrad CPC range of computers. Despite running for over 100 issues it didn’t go out with a fitting farewell issue. This tribute magazine hopes to resolve that.

The finishing touches to the magazine are being done as I write this. The magazine will be available in both printed and PDF formats (the download will be free while the printed version will be a minimal payment). Content will include reviews, news, features, interviews with the ex-magazine staff, interviews with people in the CPC scene, and much more. There might even be some exclusive blogs to tie in with the launch. See you soon.

You can download a PDF of the document from here.

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