List updated 23rd February 2017

Title Studio Format Year Comments
Bored of the Rings Silversoft Tape 1985
Chequered Flag Psion Tape 1983
Supreme Challenge Compilation Beau-Jolly Tape 1988 Elite/StarGlider/The Sentinel/Ace 2/Tetris
VU-3D Psion Tape 1982
ZZOOM Imagine Tape 1983
ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Sinclaur Tape 1984
Currah ┬ÁSpeech Currah Tape 1983
Hoizons Psion Tape 1982
The Hobbit Melbourne House Tape 1981
Grand Prix Simulator (Signed by the Oliver Twins) CodeMasters Tape 1987
180 Mastertronic Tape 1986
Olli and Lissa Firebird Tape 1986
Soccer Boss(The Boss) Alternative Software Tape 1984
Ian Botham's Test Match/Superfile Tynesoft Tape 1985
Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge Ricochet Tape 1985
Yogi Bear Alternative Software Tape 1987
Loco-Motion Mastertronic Tape 1985
Super Trolley Mastertronic Tape 1988
Super Cycle US Gold/Epyx Tape 1987
Total Eclipse / Total Eclipse II Double Pack Incentive Software Tape 1989
Magicland Dizzy Code Masters Tape 1990
Fantasy World Dizzy Code Masters Tape 1989
Fruit Machine Simulator Code Masters Tape 1987
Solid Gold U.S. Gold Tape 1988
Leader Board U.S. Gold Tape 1986
Sorcery Virgin Games Tape 1986
Ant Attack Quicksilva Tape 1983
River Rescue Creative Sparks Tape 1984
Black Hawk Creative Sparks Tape 1984