Hello and thank you for visiting RetroComputers.online! (Formally known as RetroComputers.eu)

My name is Andy and I’m a collector of vintage and retro computers. I live in Whittlesey which is near Peterborough in the East of England. I have a mixture of systems in my collection from many manufactures including Amstrad, Acorn, Apple, Commodore, Sega, Research Machines, Nintendo, and Tatung. My first ever computer I had access to at home was a Commodore VIC-20, then a Amstrad CPC6128 then onto PCs and Apple Macintosh’s. I have been ‘retro computing’ for about 10 years now.

The first computer I used at school was a BBC Model B – a proper vintage computer. When I moved up into secondary school, we used RM Nimbus PC-186. (Not so cool machines! Well, apart from some games like Trains)

I also volunteer the “The Centre for Computing History” which is the UK computing museum based in Cambridge. I was at VCF 2010 at Bletchley Park, and many smaller events between 2011 and 2014. You can read more about the museum on their website http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/

I’m also a licensed amateur radio operator. My station callsign is 2E0GPU. In November 2016 I got onto the DMR band wagon! Take a look at my page about my radio station here : 2E0GPU.com

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